Photo Album

Front of Hammond House circa 1909 Side of Hammond House circa 1909 Early Photos. These are the earlies known photos and were probably taken around 1909 when Nanny Hammond first bought the building.

Front of Hammond House today Side of Hammond House today Frony walk of Hammond House showing carraige step Current views. This is what the front of the building looks like today. The kids digging around the old sawmill stone are Fannie Lee Hammond's great-great grandsons, Nicholas Hammond Norton and Bradley Bartlett Norton.

Cell Room Cell Room. This room contained the main cells for the prisoners. The diagonal line between the middle and right doors is the ghost of the stairs to the second level of cells.

Ghost of original jail window. Ghost of original jail window.. Here you can see where an original jail window was located.

Relocated Jail Window Relocated Jail Window. . Two of the jail windows were relocated to the kitchen building. You can still see the holes on the frame where the bars went.

More to come...